Cliche Corner

The road into Roach Bridge this morning

It would be perverse to twitch a bird as rare and iconic as Belted Kingfisher is in Britain and blog on Christmas Eve about something else. It is also difficult to say anything that hasn’t already been said. So what follows is knowingly cliched.

Twitching Gets You To New Places

I’ve never been to Roach Bridge. I’ve lived in Lancashire for over 30 years. I used to live in Preston. It’s a small village. But even so I am not sure how I’ve managed to overlook it. I’d like to go back some time and have lunch in the New Hall Tavern, look at the weir again.

That weir…

Some Birds Have The Wow Factor aka What. A. Bird.

A Kingfisher twice the size of ‘ours’ with a mohican. What’s not to like. It’s freaking awesome.

When You See One You’ll Know

Ok, that’s beyond a cliche for a Belted Kingfisher. The relevant variation here is when you hear one you’ll know. For those old enough to remember not unlike a football rattle.

Everyone Wants You To See Their Low Quality Images

Well to be honest I would probably cope, but it feels too contrarian to blog about twitching a bird and not use an image.

Blurry but still stunning

Happy Christmas everyone.


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