December 25th


Here is what I’ve received for Christmas from family nature writing wise. I’m putting it on here to make sure that I read them all and do some kind of review in due course. If you’ve been checking in regularly you will know that I received Vagrancy In Birds early, and you can see a review at:

Vagrancy In Birds – A Review

It’s my birthday on Wednesday so there may be even more to work with after that.

Christmas Day is a strange one birding wise for a lot of people. I usually go out first thing for an hour or so before family gatherings. I did today taking in an old quarry and it was absolutely bitter with a biting wind. It was nice though to see a good selection of waterfowl, particularly 7 Pochard. This species is increasingly hard to see in numbers locally these days with many short stopping on the Continent, so this was a decent sized flock.

As Christmas is a time for quizzes here is a mystery bird photograph for you from today. There should be enough there for it not to be too taxing. Answer tomorrow…

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