Hidden In Plain Sight

On my way to the survey in SD55 yesterday I had seen a decent flock of Pinkfeet by the A585 at Singleton. I had a look through them on the way there and on the return journey, but couldn’t pick anything out. So this lunchtime I had a quick run out in the hope they were still there.

The birds were fortunately present, perhaps 3000 or so in a couple of fields. I could never see the whole flock and due to hedges in the way, and the rain direction meant it was quickly drenching the scope lens from the only safe viewing position by the main road.

There’s something about a large flock of Pinkfeet that makes me feel there has to be a waif and stray in the group. Despite that I was just about to admit defeat and get back to work after several sweeps when I picked up an adult Pale-bellied Brent. Once I had seen it I couldn’t understand how I had missed it previously. The pictures are grotty due to distance and conditions but nevertheless you can get the impression of the small size and contrasting black and white plumage.

Going through wild geese flocks is a bit like fishing. Sometimes you will get bigger prizes than others, but any day you get something is a good one.

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