Litfest Nature Writing Anthology / Park Parakeets

Tonight some of the writers who were involved in the Lifest New Writing Northwest Nature Writing Group last winter / early spring met on zoom. It was great to catch up with like minded people and share ideas.

If you are interested in reading the anthology that came out of the series of workshops, which includes other genres as well as nature writing, you can access a download from here:

If anybody reading this is writing on nature and would be potentially interested in coming on board a group sharing work and reviews of other published work feel free to get in touch.

I was on training at Stanley Park today and had a quick mooch round the gardens afterwards. The lake is still out of bounds but a couple of Mute Swans had moved to the fountain, including this second year bird.

Whilst I was watching this serene scene the peace was shattered by a dozen parakeets noisily careering overhead. I had seen reports of 16 recently, but this was the first time I had personally seen double figures. At some point when I have more time I will reflect on whether this is entirely a bad thing given they are an invasive species, or if it’s more nuanced than that.

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