Mammal Morning

Pinkfeet and their reflections in the River Wyre

I dropped Jane at the gym this morning so headed for Little Singleton as usual on a Wednesday now. The Pinkfeet were still around in numbers, but in amongst the saltmarsh and not easily viewed until something spooked them when I took the shot above.

Mammals were the highlight of the visit. A couple of Roe Deer were distant but you couldn’t miss their white rear ends.

There were also three Brown Hares even further away but providing entertainment as they engaged in ‘March madness’. They were chasing each other round tirelessly, though not boxing. It’s rather sobering that seeing Hares being pursued brings to mind lurchers and hare coursing, and seeing them chasing each other around feels novel.

Hares, honestly

A Chiffchaff was singing as I walked down from where I park, so even though it felt autumnal or even wintry with the geese and dank conditions the time of transition was evident.

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