Pockets Of Green

My old works car park was the other side of Blackpool North station from the office. There were some trees on the frontage of the station that often held a few House Sparrows. The trees, or maybe they were bushes, were cut down to make space for more accessible entry to the railway. I thought that was probably the end of that sparrow population.

Today I had to use another temporary car park also in the vicinity of Blackpool North, and was pleased to see the birds were alive alive oh in the front garden of K K’s holiday apartments. You can see trees above they are using. In that small space there were no fewer than fifteen birds present.

Immediately adjacent was a more representative example of Blackpool town centre birding!

And if you think I am using artistic licence for this juxtaposition think again…

These birds probably also shuttle to the trees round the edge of the crazy golf course by the Metropole Hotel. It’s good to see them hanging in, and shows the importance of these pockets of greenery to Blackpool wildlife.

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