My Second Home

Second home may be pushing it a bit, but every year since 2007 I’ve spent some time on Out Skerries in Shetland. I will be there in a couple of weeks for a few days, if the internet is up to it I will blog about it but I suspect it won’t be so I will do a few posts beforehand about the place and some of my experiences there.

To kick off here are some pictures of the isles to give a flavour.

The airstrip looking to the uninhabited isles of Grunay and Bound Skerry. The lighthouse is on Bound Skerry, to the right you can see the old lighthouse keepers cottages on Grunay. There are no commercial flights now.
The fantastic view from where I stay at Ty Mara on Housay looking across the north mouth to the island of Bruray. You can see the bridge linking the isles just right of centre
The view north to the better known Fetlar, and some local residents
Despite only having a mile of road the islands used to have a high Subaru Impreza ownership, this is one of the remaining examples
Nearing dusk looking beyond the post office across south mouth

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