In the absence of much creative writing I guess this blog has four main foundations – Blackpool, Cumbria, Shetland and Book Reviews. As I gave a shameless plug for the Fylde Bird Club the other day I am doing the same for the Cumbria Bird Club on this occasion.

At the club’s Council meeting last week I offered to set up a Twitter page. There is already a Twitter page that shares bird news in the county (@cumbriabirds). The bird club page (@CumbriaBirdClub) will be more about the publications of the club and its various indoor meetings and field trips.

The main publication of the bird club is the annual report, Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria. The editorial and writing team have done a good job getting last year’s report out so soon, it was published last month when some counties still haven’t got their 2020 reports out. I have to declare an interest as I wrote part of the bird systematic list, but it’s a well illustrated report that as the name suggests includes several other wildlife groups other than birds.

Sample bird and ‘other’ pages, with apologies for poor reproduction, you’ll just have to buy one to read it properly

For £20 a year as well as the annual report club members get a quarterly newsletter, a series of indoor meetings with speakers and the opportunity to join a number of outdoor meetings. Regular readers of this blog, if there are any and notwithstanding the blog is irregular, may recall my write ups of trips to Foulney Island and more recently St Bees that were a great opportunity for me to meet other Cumbria birders.

Like a number of progressive bird clubs the CBC offer free membership for young people still in full-time education under 21, so if you know any keen birders of that age in the county who aren’t signed up let them known. If you are potentially interested for yourself check out where there are copies of past newsletters freely available to view.

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