Well Travelled Gull

I went through the gulls on the Leven Estuary at Greenodd both on the way to the Barrow game and on the way back. Second helpings was worthwhile as I had a couple of ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls after little on the way in.

I will hopefully remember to post the details of youngster N:W18 when I get them from the project. I trawled the previous sighting pages for the adult N:C58 as I thought there would be other records over the minimum of four years and sure enough it has been seen in two other countries.

It’s well known that LBBGs migrate south to mainland Europe and north Africa, it’s always fascinating to get an insight into the life stories of individual birds though.

Similarly a stop off at Pine Lake produced Black-headed Gull blue 2J03, which over the last eight years has also been seen at its breeding grounds in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. It was still there on 22 July but was back in Lancashire today.

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