Porto Santo Day 3

An unlikely trio

Given passerine migration isn’t really happening I wasn’t sure if I would have any additions to the trip list today. Approaching the golf course a Grey Heron flew overheard so that was soon sorted. I saw it again near the Ribeira Salgado and finally by another ribeira near town, assuming it was the same one. The pictures got better each time.

On the golf course were a further two new additions – Glossy Ibis and Common Sandpiper. You can see the ibis in the header shot with the long staying Spoonbill and a tubby Muscovy. Another shot follows.

Tanque must have been disturbed earlier in the day as all the Mallard had deserted. The only bird of note was a Snipe.

This afternoon Jane and I cycled to Calheta at the south west corner of the island. Whilst we had drinks a Berthelot’s Pipit came close so I couldn’t resist a few shots.

This also posed for photos:

We then cycled past the hotel to the town centre again, where the Sandwich Tern was present and this time I had my camera.

One response to “Porto Santo Day 3”

  1. It can only be Madeiran Wall LIzard, but it appears to be melanic, unless they normally vary tremendously in colour.


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