Lancaster Nature Writing Events Season

This blog’s original purpose was to include some of my nature writing. That hasn’t really happened unless you count book reviews and some thought pieces on birding. I’ve been asked and am pleased however to publicise some events this year where you get the chance to see acclaimed nature writers in Lancaster University’s Future Places Environment, Literature and Arts Season.

The first event is on Thursday 31 January at the Storey Institute. Award winning poet Jane Burn will be reading from her award winning work. There will also be readings from attendees as a workshop she is leading that afternoon. I’m attending that session so you may even get to hear some of my musings.

Future dates include other big hitters in British and arguably international nature writing. On Thursday 20th April distinguished eminent poet and writer Kathleen Jamie will be in conversation. June 22nd sees the brilliant nature writer and birding chronicler Mark Cocker in town. Finally a double header on 6th July sees acclaimed poets Jason Allen Paissant and Seni Seneviratne visit Lancaster.

For the first event which starts at 5.30pm you can register for free tickets at:


Hopefully see you there.

Whilst blogging and following the recent brouhaha about a certain twitcher’s self-published account of his experience mention of Mark Cocker gives me a chance to recommend one of my favourite books about birding.

If you aren’t a birder and want to gain an insight into what makes birders tick referencing the British birding scene this is a seminal work. It’s over 20 years old so there are some recent developments that aren’t covered but it’s a lucid read and the underlying psychology of twitchers and birders remains the same.

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