Kathleen Jamie Event, Lancaster

I know this blog has an identity crisis, but it is supposed to be about my creative writing and others who practice in that field. Lancaster University Future Places Centre have just confirmed details of one of the great contemporary British nature writers coming to the area. next month.

Kathleen Jamie is currently Scotland’s Makar, aka National Poet. As well as her acclaimed poetry she is an accomplished nature essayist. Over four decades she has produced several collections of poems and three collections of prose – Findings, Sightlines and Surfacing.

Kathleen will be reading some of her work and in conversation with local writer Karen Lloyd at the Storey Institute, Lancaster on Thursday 20th April. Tickets are £7 for those who can afford them, but attendance is free for the unwaged and students. You can book at the following link:


If you watched the footage on Orcas in David Attenborough’s Wild Isles at the weekend a good entry point for Kathleen’s nature writing could be her essay on searching for and finding Killer Whales in Sightlines (see below).

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