Dolphin Days

I’ve been meaning to post about seeing dolphins a week last Friday but life has been getting in the way. In the meantime I’ve managed to completely miss a spectacular passage of Little Gulls through the area. But I don’t care, I’ve seen dolphins off Blackpool Prom and that always works for me.

It was particularly enjoyable because it was so unexpected. It’s still relatively early in the Blackpool season and none had been seen by other seawatchers. It was also satisfying that I had considered quitting the watch early as it had been quiet, but stuck it out.

There were quite a lot of gulls feeding offshore. I’ve said before on here that this is a good sign, if fish are present off the Prom in good numbers the dolphin generally find them. A couple of brief glances of fins were followed by the confirmation of one leaping almost clear of the water.

They hung around for ten minutes or so working a baitball, before gradually making their way north. The following day Dave McGrath saw them off Anchorsholme Park; in mirror calm conditions on the Saturday evening I had another shy at the coconuts and saw a couple of porpoises.

If you are wondering why the image at the start of the piece I tell colleagues in the Council press team when the Bottlenose Dolphins first appear each year. This is the gif they went with. As ever it generated a very positive response, everyone save the most curmudgeonly angler loves a dolphin.

I’ve said before that a lot of pleasure from wildlife observation is contextual. I’ve seen Bottlenose Dolphins from Marinelife surveys across Britain and Biscay, and enjoyed watching them in the Azores. But for me there’s nothing quite the same as when the Blackpool Bottlenoses are back.

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